Bryndrake Lhu-Duraz [Kazak-Za]

Dwarven King in the Angkar Aradace


Name: Bryndrake Moonstone [Bryndrake Lhu-Duraz]
Title: Warlord [Kazak-Za]

Age: 237 Cycles
4’2, Brownish-Red hair and a beard as long as his torso, he carries Az-Dreugi (Great-axe), inscribed with his clan symbol (A troll skull with crossing ax and hammer behind it) on his back.
Equipped with Iron and gold plate armor, and a black and red cape.


Bryndrake Inherited his Kingship from his father, Gnol-Grund Lhu-Duraz (Wisehammer Moonstone) who died in the same battle that Bryndrake was thrown into, the Migdhal-Undi Kazak (Keep-guard Battle) when the Cave trolls assaulted Karazka-Dharkhangron (Underground Stronghold).

Bryndrake Lhu-Duraz [Kazak-Za]

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