Zau Bukra [Gijak-Ang Krual]

Old Orc in the Angkar Aradace


Name: Zau Bukra (Black Claw)
Title: Gijak-Ang Krual (Iron Blood Chieftain)

Standing at an astonishing 8’2, with a forest green hide, Zau Bukra is the youngest Urukai to be chosen for Angkar Aradace at the age of 57. He won his title by defeating all challengers in the Uruk-hai Gijak Lufut (The Great Orc Blood War, a Tournament to determine the Strongest Orc).

He is one of the most Honorable fighters to join the Angkar Aradace. Letting his actions speak for him, he often stands back assessing the situation, waiting for the right time to interfere.


Zau Bukra [Gijak-Ang Krual]

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