Hinkko Saryn [Gyrtu Deszeld]

Ancient Dragon in the Angkar Aradace


Name: Hinkko Saryn. translation, “Crimson Gem”
Title: Gyrtu Deszeld. translation, “First Lord”

One of the oldest and wisest of the Dragons, and one of the founders of the Angkar Aradace.

Age: 4,215 years old.
From snout to tail, 48 feet long. 6 foot neck, 14 foot tail. From claws to tip of spikes on back, 12ft. 6ft leg length, 1ft long spikes. 40 foot wingspan.
Faded red scales, with a long Grey beard and whitish-Grey eyes, (showing his age)
His scales are riddled with both small and large scars from many battles over the years.



Being one of the oldest Dragons in existence, Hinkko Saryn has faced many battles with the Dwarves, Orcs and Humans before the Age of Dos (Peace).

He is still skeptical of the other Races, especially the Elves who hunted dragons for thousands of Cycles, but still willing to cooperate within the Angkar Aradace.

Hinkko Saryn [Gyrtu Deszeld]

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