To understand the majority of this story, please go to the wiki. It will explain everything. [This Story is unfinished, I finished the basic scale and design of the map and posted it onto the website. However, it is still unfinished, I will add detail, terrain, cities/landmarks, and label it later.]

The Story so Far…

Star Date: 5042-332.13, The trees are turning orange and red, and beginning to drop their leaves and the animals begin to gather resources and find new shelter preparing for the long winter ahead. The Angkar Aradace (Allied Rulers) are meeting at the Umerus Traint (Oracle of Truth), a green sphere with a faint neon glow, levitating above a large circular platform made of marble. It is often used for debating politics and knowledge between civilizations, due to its magical properties. It glows red when it detects a lie within it’s vicinity.

The Fall of a Civilization

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